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About Us

Why M&D

Our company, has for several years been among the top 10 companies in Albania as measured by turnover, importing and distributing market leading brands to customers who vary from supermarkets, groceries, variety stores and wholesalers, to pharmacies, offices, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Our customer base exceeds 6,000 customers and we deal with more than 550 invoices every day, covering 100% of the Albanian territory and population. The customer base is divided into segments, based on both customer and commercial criteria, to allow us to put the consumer at the heart of what we do and at the same time maximise the rate of return on the investments made.

Distribution Coverage

Vision and Goals

We aim to achieve and sustain absolute market leadership in our entire products portfolio.

We are fully committed to doing an excellent job in satisfying both our suppliers’ and our target customers’ needs, so that they are rewarded for the trust and confidence they have placed in us.

Our Consumer goal is to build the image of our brands in the consumers’ minds:

  1. The right product
  2. In the right place
  3. At the right price
  4. With the right marketing activity