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Our integrated warehouse and offices are jointly-located on the same grounds beside the Tirana–Durrës Highway, 10 km away from Tirana, 30 km from the main harbour at Durrës, and 7 km away from Rinas airport.

This distribution centre has been our operations hub and the headquarters of our organisation since July 2005 and has a total area of over 30,000m². The centre provides:

  • 1,500m² of office space
  • Covered storage area of 7,000 m², capable of storing 6.500 pallets
  • Picking area for 2.500 SKU
  • Deep freezing and refrigerating capacity of 250 pallets
  • 18 docking bays, used for both loading and unloading depending on flux
  • 118 parking spaces to accommodate our expanding fleet needs

We also provide: * Cross-docking in Fier and Korça * Sub-distr ibutors in Saranda, Kukës, Peshkopia, Burreli, Lezha, Korça, Fieri, Tropoja, Himara and Durrës

Autostrada Tirane-Durres, km10, Kashar, Tirane