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M&D currently has over 300 employees of which 50% are directly involved in the sales process (on the field). Our management system is key to our success in working with a wide spread of brands across different fields. Each key supplier is assigned to a specific manager who is responsible for every aspect.


The main objectives of our sales team are:

  • Distribution
  • Pricing
  • Shelving
  • Merchandising

Our sales force includes:

  • Merchandisers covering our top 120+ customers, who are constantly in touch with them, organising shelves and giving advice on orders
  • Key Account Managers responsible for orders and handling relationships with our top customers
  • Pre-Sale Representatives (PSRs) who take orders from customers, pass them on to the logistics department with fulfils them within 24 hours
  • Van Sale Representatives (VSRs) who have stock availability in the van and fulfil the customer orders straight from their van
  • Delivery staff who handle orders that come via PSRs or which are placed in person, via phone or email


Our logistics department handles various tax and customs services such as: transits, customs clearance, export of goods and excise processing.

When a delivery from our suppliers arrives at our warehouse, it is processed by this department, who handles yearly volumes of over 84.000 pallets. When an order comes through to our logistic centre, from our clients or PSRs, the team enables its fulfilment promptly and always within 24 hours.

The Supply Chain Management team is in place to also better manage stock by:

  • Frequent stock rotation of over 10 times per year
  • Reducing stock levels to an optimum, calculated based on the sales volume in the lead time
  • Avoiding out-of-stock situations despite a large number of SKUs and suppliers
  • First In First Out (FIFO) and First Expiry First Out (FEFO) handling of products
  • Using motorised vehicles (such as forklifts and electric transpallets) for transporting all goods within the warehouse
  • Using a coordinate system for organising the warehouse, which also facilitates the job of the warehouse employees
M&D Warehouse


Our expanding vehicle fleet is what allows us to guarantee prompt delivery of goods to any part of Albania. It currently includes:

  • 7 heavy trucks for delivery (GVW of 10+ tons)
  • 36 medium delivery vans (GVW of 2-3 tons) used by our VSRs and delivery staff
  • 59 light delivery vans (GVW of 0.5-2 tons) used by our VSRs
  • 27 mini vans (GVW of less than 0.5 tons) used by our PSRs
  • 68 cars and mini-buses used by our supervisors, key account managers, business unit managers, marketing and promotion team, merchandisers and for staff transportation


Our marketing team includes:

  • Marketing seniors who create and coordinate the marketing plans and activities
  • Marketing executives who execute the projects
  • An experienced promo team equipped with training staff, supervisors, promoters and promo team leaders, all working as part of our permanent team

We have an in-house Promotion Agency that handles various tasks from in store promotions, to sponsoring events and sampling.


Our skilled IT department develop and maintain bespoke in-house software that allows us to track and audit our business at any stage of the supply chain. Stats and reports are available instantly, direct from our sale representatives, and we are constantly innovating and improving in this area.

We also have a very experienced finance and accounting department with dedicated people for keeping track of changes to accounting practices and rules affecting our business, and instructing the sales force about changes in procedures and regulation.

Our specialised legal department handles minor cases and rulings, and we work closely with a leading law firm in high profile cases.