About Us

For about 3 decades M&D is one of the leading logistics and distribution companies in Albania, duly representing national and international brands for the most qualitative products.

M&D, selected as the trusted distributor of some of the major principals around the world, performs with high standards the logistics, distribution, processing, storage and warehousing of products as well as their archiving.

Qualified staff is the main asset of our company and our main partners are the customers who have considered us as constructive and correct suppliers in co-operation.

Integrated logistic services such as complete customs procedures, public, customs and fiscal warehousing, warehousing, packing and stickering, transport and distribution, B2B, B2C, enables every product to reach every corner of the country.

In addition, M&D carries sophisticated facilities for specific products, which include climate control storage or refrigerated (cold) storage units.

Our company has managed to comply with the highest standards all over the world to satisfy the wishes and meets the needs of every customer category such as Retail, HORECA, ElectroServis / Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication etc.

The structure and capacity of the M&D are created to strengthen every business unit, to run, control and carry the highest qualities of internal control for Quality Management, Social Responsibility and Risk Assessment.

The marketing of brands that M&D represents is the key to standardization and efficient management of each unit, which helps not only product advertising but it conforms to the standards suggested by the principals.

M&D's clients appreciate the constructive partnership by transforming it into their preferred supplier.

Our commitment and dedication to service, long-term development and continuous improvement includes all areas of activity. M&D is recognized in the industry for excellence in logistics, sales and marketing, but above all it is known for the perfect model to integrate them together.

M&D complies with ISO 45001:2018, 9001:2015, 14001:2015 standards.