ACE bleach guarantees protection for your home and your laundry. Thanks to the exclusive Protect-Fiber technology, it wraps the fibers and protects them during washing, helping to keep the garments as new! It also sanitizes and removes more than 90% of pollen, dust, mites and pets allergens.

ACE Gentile is a delicate bleach safe on all colors and on all fabrics, even synthetic or delicate ones like wool and silk. Added to every wash, stains, sanitizes, eliminates odors and in addition makes the colors of your garments shine.

ACE Spray and Gel combines the power of Ace bleach with the effectiveness of the degreaser. Thanks to its special formula: it degreases and sanitizes the surfaces of the house such as fridge, stove and chair. It removes the mold and bleaches the joints between the tiles. It also eliminates the most stubborn stains of white laundry.

ACE WC Gel with bleach removes germs and bacteria, bleaches and makes the walls of your toilet shine. Thanks to its special sanitizing formula with scented bleach, it is ideal for cleaning and complete hygiene of the toilet.